Our Program

 Southeastern Carolina Crossroads Inc. falls under a Group Care Facility. The definition is as follows:  

 "A facility operated by a non-profit, profit or church related organization, with the support and supervisory personnel that provide room and board, or rehabilitation services in a group environment. This definition includes halfway homes, homeless shelters, and substance abuse programs which are developed to provide services which meet the specific needs of each group. This definition does not include individuals who are current users of illegal controlled substances, persons convicted for illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, sex offenders, and juvenile offenders. All of which are not considered disabled under the Fair Housing Act."  


"The Crossroads" Program

 A 60-day residential program designed solely for men caught in the bondage of substance and/or alcohol abuse. We teach drug awareness, prevention and total abstinence through Jesus Christ and the truths of the Bible. 


"Renewal" Program

 This is for those who have completed the program in the past. This program is to help those who may have lost sight of Biblical teachings due to whatever circumstances have occurred in their lives. We encourage those who may have temporarily lost their way that Christ is always ever-loving and forgiving.


"Breaking Through" Program

 We have designed an aftercare program for continued growth for those men who have successfully completed "The Crossroads" Program. This is designed for those desiring more spiritual growth. This will also help those who have transitioned to continue being a part of a structured accountability process. 


Application Process

 Carolina Crossroads offers two basic ways to apply. You may, at any time, call us at (910) 549-8487 or you may apply online. The official application is provided in the link below. 


Eligibility for admission is open to anyone voluntarily seeking assistance for active addiction.  A personal interview is required and you may be placed on a waiting list pending admission. Carolina Crossroads is not a medical detoxification facility and prospective residents may be asked to submit to a breath and urine analysis upon arrival. This is for your safety and the safety of others.  Random drug screening will be used to maintain this environment. Applicants are asked to commit to a  60 day program of action including biblical study, classroom teaching, personal soul care and work projects in the community. We provide staff, guidelines and a daily schedule to assist you. Use of mood or mind altering chemicals, prescribed or otherwise, is strictly prohibited during your stay. Cellular phones and/or electronic devices are similarly prohibited.

Note: A valid state-issued I.D. must be presented upon arrival and all personal business should be resolved in advance. Residents will not be permitted to leave for personal errands following admission. The entry fee of $500.00 (non-refundable) is required at the date of service.


Items to bring upon arrival:

• Composition books
• Towels and washcloth
• Work and dress clothes
• Alarm Clock (Optional with no radio)
• Spending money for cigarettes, sodas, etc.


Prohibited items:

• Walkman, Ipod, radio, or personal music
• Cell phones or computers
• Outside non-religious magazines or books 

Daily Schedule

Our daily schedules and work activities are vital to this program as in any successful lifestyle. It promotes each person in the program to obtain discipline, accountability and responsibilility. The current schedules are as follows:

 6:30am                                                                      WAKE-UP 

 7:00am                                                                  BREAKFAST 

 7:55am                                                     DEVOTIONAL TIME

 8:30am                                  MORNING BIBLE TEACHING

10:00am              WORK DAY, GED, COLLEGE CLASSES

12:30pm                                                                        LUNCH

1:15pm                                                WORK DAY, CD TIME

5:00pm                                                                         DINNER

6:00pm                                                         EVENING CLASS

7:00pm                                                                    FREE TIME

10:30pm                                                               LIGHTS OUT 

Saturday and Sunday Schedules are a little less structured and include, a short workday and family visitation on Saturday and Worship and Celebrate Recovery on Sunday.


Free-Time Activities

 • Television and DVD availability (G Rated movies only and no video games.)
• Off-site ministry trips
• Leisure-style board games
• Outdoor volleyball
• Horseshoes
• Recreation Room (pool table, ping pong table, etc.)
• Corn hole
• Full court basketball
• Exercise equipment (weight bench, free weights, treadmill, etc.) 

• Fresh water fishing. Bring your own tackle. 


Apply With Us

Download Application Form (pdf)